ALMAAS JEWELS started off as a London based company in 2014. We believe in giving our customers High quality Luxury Jewelry at majorly discounted SALE prices typically saving you up to 70% off retail prices.

Our Company is built on three core Principles:

  1. High Quality Jewelry
  2. Great Prices
  3. Excellent customer service

Most of our Jewelry is made from 925 Sterling silver and Cubic Zirconia Stones. 

We also offer high quality gold plated jewelry which can keep its color for up to 2 years if preserved properly. 

We also have a range of handcrafted rings which are perfect for gifting as engraving options are available.  Most of our handcrafted rings are made from SONA diamonds 

SONA Diamonds are a mixture of Carbon Diamond, Saphire and other simulants. They have a strong resemblance and almost strong durability to real diamonds, to the extent that even jewellers will not be able to tell the difference without a laser test or lab composition test. 

We can also customise your own design. Please contact us for a quotation.